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👇🏻Fitness instructors!👇🏻

Are you ready to build an online Fitness Business that lasts a LIFETIME, not just a lockdown!

...& learn the fast way to serve more clients with more ENERGY not exhaustion!

Forget being on all the social media platforms & doing silly dancing reels


Forget live zoom sessions from your living room


It's time for you to grow an online Fit Biz which is less time-consuming, has minimal tech issues & generates clients that will pay premium prices! 

Work with a mentor for 30 days for free & start to earn more to work less!


Have you been asking yourself these questions when it comes to taking your Fitness Business online 👇🏻

How should I market it?

What platform should I use?

What content should I create?

What social media platform do I need to be on?

How much should I charge & what do I include?

How to I get new clients online?

Do I need to run challenges?

 Do I need to run Facebook ads?

Do I need an email list?

And what do I need to email them?

And it seems everyone has a different opinion on what works!

Does this sound familiar?👇🏻

  • You Google everything, but the guidance that comes up is overwhelming &, most of the time, conflicting.
  • You get super motivated by the idea of an online Fit Biz, but after a few weeks it's not working or seems really challenging... so you go looking for something else OR GIVE UP COMPLETELY!
  • It feels like you need an extra 3 days each week [or more] to do all the things that are “needed” to create successful results.
  • ​It feels like pushing water up a hill trying to find, convince & attract new clients online. 
  • You just wish someone would tell you exactly how to take your Fit Biz online, get new clients for it, and/or make all the marketing & sales stuff easier so you can spend more time serving your clients (& living your life)!!!

When it comes to transitioning your Fit Biz online the profitable way you don't need a free training, a self study course or a Google search...

...you need a mentor.

  I'm Charlotte

(more about me below!)


I’ve done LOTS of business courses that I started & never finished or they brought me very little success until…

I invested in a course that had the human connection, a like-minded community & the guidance of a mentor!

From this I was able to really thrive online BUT I knew there was another element that instructors needed - a mentor who is from and knows the fitness & wellness industry well, rather then a general business mentor! That's why I created the Build Fitness Online Mentorships

Here's the thing... 

  • There isn’t one cookie cutter formula that works for everyone - There are formulas & frameworks that can be tweaked & adapted so it's tailored to each individual Fit Biz & that's what we use in the mentorship
  • It doesn't matter how qualified you are, how amazing your services are or if you have the most professional looking app & features, if no one ever gets to experience them.
  • What is successful for one Fit Biz may never work for another!

What you need is:

  • A super-clear exclusive client audience - and not serve anyone & everyone 
  • Specific messaging that attracts the people who can benefit the most from your services.
  • Valuable offers & content that provides high-value results for your exclusive clients & that accelerate premium profits.
  • A non-techy platform to host your ENTIRE online Fit Biz that is easily accessible for you & your clients
  • An evergreen marketing strategy that fits into your week & doesn’t require hours - & that also feels good for you – TikTok & Reels aren’t for everyone & you don’t need to use them!

That's where I can help!

Why I can help...

After YEARS of struggling, burnout & thinking my only income could come from teaching 20+ classes every week in community halls & gyms I started my journey online.

Course after course, Google search after Google search & lots of experimenting I found something that worked for me & that is easily adaptable as the online world changes & can be tailored for ANY fitness business! PERIOD!

I'm excited to help you avoid the struggle in your transition online & to empower you LEVEL UP so you can serve MORE CLIENTS from a place of unlimited ENERGY rather then exhaustion!


A mentoring program for group fitness instructors like no other!

  • Step-by-step modules- bite-sized videos that guide you through every step from idea to nailing your ideal client & messaging to create, market & launch, quickly and easily.
  • An actual real-life mentor who has been through the transition from a group fitness business to online Fit Biz – you’ll have my eyes  & feedback on your online fit biz journey, & lots of access to me as your business mentor so we can work together to create a personalised Fit Biz framework that work for you!
  • Strategies that work & can be personalised for every Fit Biz & Fit Biz service that you create – this process works but most importantly it can be tweaked for your Fit Biz, your individual personality & every service you create online (& offline) 
  • Accountability, community & support – You are never alone, this is an opportunity to have a go-to mentor & community for the lifetime of your Online Fit Biz

mentorship product image

No guesswork, No fuss, just a Fit Biz Framework that can be personalised for any Fit Biz & any Fit Biz Service!

 Find out if this is for you by test driving the mentorship for 30 day FOR FREE!!


Price plans start from £97

It doesn’t have to be hard!

You don't have to be on social media 24/7!

You don't need everything to be perfect before you make money!

You shouldn’t have to do it alone!

This Mentorship is for you if:

  • You want to build an online Fit Biz alongside your current Fit Biz so you can teach less classes
  • You want the freedom of a 100% online Fit Biz so you can work from anywhere & get paid anytime
  • You want an online Fit Biz that helps you to help more clients without the exhaustion of working/teaching physical classes/sessions
  • You don't know how to build & run an online Fit Biz so it’s profitable.
  • You want an online Fit Biz that helps clients in an authentic way.
  • You want an online Fit Biz BUT you hate social media.
  • You are looking for personalised support, & access to a Fit Biz mentor who has come from a similar group fitness career background - not just pre-recorded content which you’re never motivated to go through or implement on your own


  • Anytime access & 'lifetime' access to step-by-step modules & bite-sized content (via membership site & app) to take you from Online idea to Online Fit Biz Success!
  • Unlimited Email Support from your Mentor Charlotte with feedback check-ins at the end of each module
  • ‘Lifetime’ access to 2x monthly 60–90-minute Group mentorship calls - These are hot-seat style calls where any questions submitted will be solved in real-time on the call for each client - this means you can also learn new things along the way from other instructors’ journey
  • Group support, accountability & motivation from Fit pro's on the same journey

Upgrades available:

  • 1-2-1  - includes all of the above plus 1 years unlimited 1-2-1 calls for super focused & personalised help
  • Premium - Includes all of the above plus all the tech work & set up done for you!

Investment starts from £97!

Start your mentorship today!



  • Your Online Fit Biz model 
  • Your exclusive ideal client & niche
  • The exact services you will launch & a plan for future upsell services you can offer, & their pricing
  • Messaging that speaks to & attracts the right clients
  • Your exclusive marketing & sales process that matches your strengths, skills & comfort zones [no icky dancing reels if that's not your jam!]
  • How to grow your online Fit Biz & the right marketing strategies FOR YOU


If you want to sell physical products or face to face services only - we focus on online services & high-quality programs, courses & memberships only, although all our marketing modules can be implemented for ANY services or product too.

If you want quick results that don't last -  We are building an online Fitness Business that LASTS A LIFETIME not just for lockdown which means we set deep rooted foundations so you have a rock solid online business & is profitable for the long haul. 

If you're looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme that doesn't involve any effort

If you're not particularly passionate about an online Fit Biz & how it can serve your ideal clients, and you're ONLY doing it for the money

If you want to build a network marketing or MLM business 

Why Join the Build Fitness Online Mentorship


  • You get lots of time with me, and I get to know your Fit Biz so I can personally help you build & grow it!
  • All the content is based on EVERYTHING that has worked for me & cuts out all the mistakes I made along the way, so you get faster results - it's proven &it works for a wide range of Online Fit Biz services.
  • No deadline for completing the program - take as long as you need
  • You’re never alone – you have someone to ask questions to, share your doubts, struggles & obstacles with every step of the way so you can move forward faster then if you were just to guess or Google your way to Fit Biz success.
  • Easy step-by-step training that doesn't that you implement in 30 mins per day or at a non-overwhelming pace that suits you.
  • I promise the tech set up is easy BUT if you do struggle you have a go-to mentor, me, to help you every step of the way.

The Mentorship Curriculum


Your No-Risk Investment:

30 day free trial - No credit card required

I don't take your investment in yourself, your Fit Biz & this program lightly which is why I wanted to give you this opportunity to test run the mentorship & really see if it's for you and your Online Fit Biz hopes & dreams!

I believe 100% that I can help you grow an online Fit Biz which feels authentic to you &  if I can't I'll let you know before you invest!

30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

If for any reason in the first 30 days [after your 30 day free trial], if you don't love it, you can get a refund.
Just email me hello@charlottebrawn.com within the first 30 days. Simple!

Ongoing Access

If the Build Fitness Online Mentorship exists, you have access!  You get to stay in the Build Fitness Online Mentorship program for as long as it exists AND if for any reason I decide to shut it down I’ll give 1 years notice - Come to any of the live calls, & access previous calls on catch up - access EVERYTHING in the program, including updates, & stay in the community - as long as you need.

LIVE Coaching

2 calls per month (more if you upgrade to 1-2-1) I host two live group calls every single month, and as a mentorship client, you can come to every single one, for as long as the program exists. They are hot-seat style so I talk on an individual basis with everyone who needs help on the call.

I believe in what I teach, I BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE BIG THINGS & I believe together we can make great things happen!


Lets work together!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

I don’t have an online Fitness Business and know nothing about how to start? Will this be too overwhelming for me?

No. The reason why this is a mentorship is so I can help you every step of the way! I can support you whatever level you are at. In fact, it is most probably better if you have no online Fit Biz as you’ll be able to build really strong foundations and do everything the right way!

What if I don’t have the budget to invest in this right now?

There are payment plans available and this allows you to pay for the mentorship over 12 months if want to. My aim as your mentor is to get you earning in your online Fit Biz as soon as possible to you can pay off what you have invested. All the content and support you get access to is legitimately over £9000 in value so, although I do not take your investment lightly, I know you are getting 10x the value of what you are investing. PLUS you get access for life (as long as the mentorship is running) including updates and all the group coaching calls without paying any extra!

Something to think about  - ‘Is the cost of getting started more expensive than the price of staying exactly where you are?’

I don’t have a lot of spare time; how long will it take to complete?

This mentorship is made up of around 10 modules but depending on the time you have available and where you’re starting your Fit Biz from it could take you 30-90 days or 1 year. Building an online Fit Biz should be a marathon not a sprint if you’re laying the right foundations for long term success so I urge clients to really carve out focused time to implement everything. Saying that all the videos are 5-20 minutes long and can be watched and implemented in very small bite-sized steps so you can fit it in even if you only have 30 minutes every week.

I’m a tech-phobe and I think an online Fit Biz will be too advanced for me?

Everything I share may seem scary at first because it’s new to you – I was the same – but everything I teach you is broken right down to the smallest step and we use the most basic platforms and technology so once you learn how to do it, it eventually becomes second nature. And here why the mentorship is so beneficial – if you get stuck you always have someone to call – me! I’m not going to leave you to figure it out alone and most of the time anything that goes wrong is easily fixable!

What if I can’t make the live calls?

I try and change up the times of the group calls so they are accessible for everyone but if you can’t make a call, I will record them. A call only takes place if questions have been submitted and you get to speak directly to me, and we Figure out your problem on the call

How do you keep me accountable?

I check in with each mentorship client every week via email or whats app to check in with where you are at and how I can help. You can also reach out to me anytime via the website intercom & you also have something to submit to me at the end of each module so I can provide you with feedback or advice about what to do next.

I’m not sure if unlimited email support and 2 group coaching calls will be enough?

I try and get back to all email enquiries within 48 hours and most of the time I will send a loom video so you can see me and also so I can share my screen with you and physically show you what you need to do / where you need to go etc. The coaching calls are hot seat style so anyone who has submitted a question can speak to me live on the call so I can help you in real time. There are also 2 upgrade options – 1-2-1 mentorship which includes 1 years’ worth of 1-2-1 calls and the Premium mentorship where I can do all the tech set up for you should you need or want extra support.

Due to the high level of support provided throughout the mentorship there are limited spaces available each month

Save your spot on this months 30 day free trial

Need more info or clarity?! Get in touch!

Thank you so much! I'll be in touch shortly.