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Master Your Fitness Business to Do List

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3 things to do to MASTER YOUR TO-DO LIST

Do you ever look at your to do list, which keeps getting longer, and feel so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing?!

Do you get to the end of every day and move all of todays to do list to tomorrow… and repeat every day until you get to the end of the month and you still have things on your list that have been on there all month, un-completed!


Here’s 3 things I do dai…

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GUEST EPISODE #3 - Katy Robinson from On Broadway dance fitness & dance fitness business academy

Avoiding Burnout, Thriving with a Face-to-Face Fitness Business & Thinking like a FitBiz Owner!

This is an EPIC episode on the podcast so carve out some time to have a listen as there's LOTS of nuggets of wisdom in this one! 

In this episode I chat with the amazing Katy Robinson (On Broadway Dance Fitness & Dance Fitness Business Academy) about all things Fitness Business. We talk about everything! Katy has a wealth of knowledge running a fitness business & huge experience in the industry! We share the same experience of burnout and the same passion to help Fitness Professionals AVO…

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The Difference between Burnout, over-Working & Aligned Hustle

In this episode we'll look at the differences between the feeling of burnout, over-working and aligned hustle so you can make decisions about your fitness business with a better perspective on what you want to move towards or away from!

Reach out with any questions, insights and changes you'll be making after listening to this episode!

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