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If I Was Starting My Fitness Business Again...

If You Could Start Your Fitness Business Again, What Would You Do Differently?

Maybe you are just starting a fitness business and you're wondering what you need to do to get started THE RIGHT WAY to avoid making mistakes in the future.

I asked a few business owners what they would do differently and today I am sharing that advice along with my own.

This is an episode not to be missed if you'd like to make quicker growth & longevity in your fitness business PLUS it will also help you…

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Setting goals for your fitness business

Why Setting Goals Won't Bring Your Fitness Business Success

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Setting goals has never been my strong point, in fact I always feel like I've failed when I set goals and don't hit them.


Many fitness businesses struggle setting S.M.A.R.T. goals because they're too rigid and more about what you have to do rather than what you want to feel!


If you're feeling the same have a listen and follow my lead into a more flowing energy behind setting goals and why setting S.M.A.R.T. goals could be …

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Master Your Fitness Business to Do List

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3 things to do to MASTER YOUR TO-DO LIST

Do you ever look at your to do list, which keeps getting longer, and feel so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing?!

Do you get to the end of every day and move all of todays to do list to tomorrow… and repeat every day until you get to the end of the month and you still have things on your list that have been on there all month, un-completed!


Here’s 3 things I do dai…

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Build an online fitness business between fitness classes

Building a Fitness Business in between Fitness Classes



My entire fitness business - both offline & online - has been created between teaching fitness classes, teaching fitness in community hall, gyms and leisure centres and in 10 minutes time slots between other stuff that happens in life!

I recorded this podcast in my car!

This podcast started in my car when I had a few spare moments and thought to myself 'enough procrastinating and just record a podcast already!'

When I was building my community fitness business I was Googling eve…

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EPISODE #23 -  How to Repurpose Social Media Content to Make you fitness business  Easier

How to Repurpose Social Media Content to Make Life Easier

Do you dread creating new content each and every week? Do you feel stuck on the social media content creation treadmill? In this weeks episode of The I Heart My Fit Biz podcast, I show you how to repurpose your social media content so that life becomes easier for you!


Reach out with any questions, insights and changes you'll be making after listening to this episode!

I have a free masterclass 'Using your pre-recorded sessions to create an online program to sell on repeat' available …

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 Creating an Online fitness Program before an Online fitness Membership

Creating an Online Program before an Online Membership

In this episode we discuss the importance of creating an online program first, before launching a membership. I explain why and how it will help you get the most out of your online business and avoid overwhelm!

Reach out with any questions, insights and changes you'll be making after listening to this episode!

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GUEST EPISODE #3 - Katy Robinson from On Broadway dance fitness & dance fitness business academy

Avoiding Burnout, Thriving with a Face-to-Face Fitness Business & Thinking like a FitBiz Owner!

This is an EPIC episode on the podcast so carve out some time to have a listen as there's LOTS of nuggets of wisdom in this one! 

In this episode I chat with the amazing Katy Robinson (On Broadway Dance Fitness & Dance Fitness Business Academy) about all things Fitness Business. We talk about everything! Katy has a wealth of knowledge running a fitness business & huge experience in the industry! We share the same experience of burnout and the same passion to help Fitness Professionals AVO…

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The Difference between Burnout, over-Working & Aligned Hustle

In this episode we'll look at the differences between the feeling of burnout, over-working and aligned hustle so you can make decisions about your fitness business with a better perspective on what you want to move towards or away from!

Reach out with any questions, insights and changes you'll be making after listening to this episode!

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@grooveitfit - An all-in-…

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Guest podcast episode #2 Anna martin

Creating a Hybrid Fit Biz, Your No.1 Freestyles Instructor Resource & Recovering Your Fit Biz after a Pandemic!

I'm super excited to have another podcast guest! Welcome Anna Martin from Always Moving Forward (amf.world)

I think could have chatted for hours!!! So be prepared for Anna to be a guest again on the podcast! Myself and Anna have crossed paths several times over the years and it's been amazing to see what Anna has achieved and how she continuously helps instructors! In this episode we talk about creating a hybrid fitness business of online & offline, Anna explains what AMF.world is how it is the…

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How to Grow Your Fitness Business without Social Media

Feel like you're on social media 24/7 marketing your Fitness Business with little to no traction? Looking to grow your fitness business without relying on social media? Check out this episode of the Growing Your Fitness Business Without Social Media podcast.

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How to Always Know What to Post on Social Media & Send to Your Email List!

How to Start & Grow an Email List like an Expert in 5 Easy Steps!

3 things to do to avoid feeling overwhelmed & unor…

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EPISODE #17 (1)

Episode #17 - Getting to Know Your Soul Mate Clients & Customers

I know this all might sound a bit tedious, and it can be. But think of the benefits: you'll have clearer communication with your clients and customers, and that's bound to make for better results.

By clearly identifying the personality type of your client or customer, you can tailor your communication style to better suit them. In this way, the client will feel engaged, and the work will reflect your understanding of each other's needs, wants, and expectations.

In todays podcast we'll go thr…

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What to do when your clients only want face-to-face classes

Episode #15 - What to do when You Clients Only Want Face-to-Face Classes

Don’t let the lack of interest in online fitness from your 'in person' classes become a reason to not offer any online fitness services. Here’s how you can get online clients even if your 'in person clients aren't interested.

Other podcast episodes that you may find useful:

Overcome Your Self Doubt and Limitations in Your Fitness Business

Getting to Know Your Soul Mate Clients & Customers

How to find the time to take your Fitness Business online when you have none!

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