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GUEST EPISODE #3 - Katy Robinson from On Broadway dance fitness & dance fitness business academy

Avoiding Burnout, Thriving with a Face-to-Face Fitness Business & Thinking like a FitBiz Owner!

This is an EPIC episode on the podcast so carve out some time to have a listen as there's LOTS of nuggets of wisdom in this one! 

In this episode I chat with the amazing Katy Robinson (On Broadway Dance Fitness & Dance Fitness Business Academy) about all things Fitness Business. We talk about everything! Katy has a wealth of knowledge running a fitness business & huge experience in the industry! We share the same experience of burnout and the same passion to help Fitness Professionals AVO…

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EPISODE #20  -  Eliminate Fear Based Thoughts around Your Fitness Business

Eliminate Fear Based Thoughts around Your Fitness Business

It's easy to run your fitness business with fear based thoughts and a lack mentality - even if you're not aware that you're doing so! This could be anything from thinking your business will never take off again after the pandemic or simply fearful each week or month that you won't be able to make the same amount of income next week/month, instead of bringing your awareness to solutions and gratitude.
In this short and to the point podcast episode I will go through 3 things you can start doing …

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Overcome Your Self Doubt and Limitations in Your Fitness Business

Have you ever felt like a fraud in your fitness business?

You're not alone.

I have at times, especially when I first started my online fitness business. You might have even experienced it in your other life pursuits as well.

It's one of the biggest challenges for people setting up a home based or online business but it's also one of the most common reasons why people get into a business and rarely succeed -- from lack of confidence and belief in themselves.

This is our focus for today's po…

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3 Mindset Tools That Will Transform Your Fitness Business Success

Your fitness business success is a direct result of your mindset. And you may be surprised at how one small mindset shift can transform your business. In this episode, we explore 3 powerful mind-shift tools that can help you change your mind for the better, so you can finally achieve the results in your fitness business—and life—that you truly want.

Other podcast episodes related to your Fitness Business mindset that you may want to listen to...

Overcoming fears, filling classes & going on…

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GUEST EPISODE #1 - KATY SOSA Dance fitness

Overcoming fears, filling classes & going online with Katy from SOSA Dance Fitness

I'm super excited to have my first podcast guest Katy from SOSA Dance Fitness!

It was such a pleasure to chat with Katy and pick her brains about everything from overcoming fears to go for those big fitness business goals (from setting up your first community classes to how she created her own dance fitness brand!), how to fill classes and her experience and the benefits of going during the pandemic and staying online.

Plus I share why I wanted Katy as my first guest on the podcast and how she's…

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 5 mindset shifts that help you charge higher prices in your fitness business

5 mindset shift that help you charge higher prices & know you're worth it!

In todays podcast I talk all about charging higher prices. I I was inspired by the quotes below and go more in depth in the podcast episode about each one.

As fitness professional we rarely charge out worth or we feel like we shouldn't because we're in the profession of helping people with their health.

Take a look at the quotes below and listen to this weeks Podcast. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below the podcast!

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see…

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How to find motivation when you're not motivated!

Like many of us say to our clients - 'you're not always going to be motivated...'

In this episode I give you 3 tips to find the motivation you need to give it your all in your Fit Biz when you're really not motivated! How do you stay motivated when you're exhausted, business isn't booming and when you think you want to throw it all in for that supermarket job!

I'd love to know if any of these help you to find an extra boost of motivation! Let me know in the comments below!

You can find me on In…

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Success is a choice I make

This short sweet episode introduces a new mindset shift making success for your Fit Biz a choice rather then a chore.

I discuss this further on today's podcast episode!

You can find me on Instagram:
@iheartmyfitbiz - Helping Fit Biz Owners build high quality online businesses
@grooveitfit - An all-in-on dance & fitness solution

Other ways I can help your Fit Biz THRIVE!👇🏻

Free Facebook Group/Community - I run a 2 mini masterclasses each month month as well as share lots of tips & advice.

The Heart …

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10th march

Is people pleasing draining your energy & motivation?!

It's easy to start a Fit Biz intending to make you life easier while doing what you love and helping people as you do it BUT it's also very easy to fall into the trap or taking EVERYTHING on to please people and keep everyone happy!

I discuss this further on today's podcast episode!

You can find me on Instagram:
@iheartmyfitbiz - Helping Fit Biz Owners build high quality online businesses
@grooveitfit - An all-in-on dance & fitness solution

Other ways I can help your Fit Biz THRIVE!👇🏻

Free Facebook …

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3 things to do to avoid feeling overwhelmed & unorganised!

Do you feel overwhelmed with your to do list in your Fitness Business ?

Do you leave things to the last minute and then feel rushed to get things done before your next class, client or online launch?

Is lack of time management making it hard for you to do the important things to move your Fitness Business forward instead of doing all the things that keep you busy?

In this episode I share 3 practical things you can do to help you avoid overwhelm, feel more organised and CREATE MORE TIME!

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EPISODE #1 (1)

3 ways to stop procrastinating & start thriving!

Do you want to create a successful Fit Biz but always put off those things that will take you outside of your comfort zone and into more success, income and a place where you can help 10x more people?

In this weeks podcast, I share the 3 tips that helped me launch this podcast in a very short amount of time. Hopefully these tips will help you move forward in achieving those things that you just keep putting off!

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