How to Price Your Online Fitness Business Services

How to price you online fitness business services

How to price your online fitness business services?! ūü§Ē

It's one of the most common questions I get asked!

Most fitness professionals are charging for the hours they spend with clients face to face but what about online services?

How do you price online services compared to face to face fitness services?

How do you put a value on your expertise, time and the clients results?

Is an online fitness business profitable?

Firstly, I think it's really hard to state what you should price your services at because I think it's very different for everybody but coming from a physical fitness business, transitioning to online, it can be really difficult to a charge your worth and  get out of that habit of charging for your time.

If you've always worked in a way, getting paid for the hours that you work, it's really hard to then go into online and charge from a place of value rather than the time that you've invested.

And with a lot of online services, we create something once that you can then sell and serve on repeat.  It's very different from providing a real time face to face service, where you are  physically giving your time. 

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