Create an Online Fitness Business...without a Website!

Episode #26

You've got lots of online fitness business ideas...but don't know where to start!

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Starting an online fitness business from home can seem really overwhelming, complicated and daunting!

I'm not going to give you a step-by-step guide in one blog post - I have a mentorship program for that!

But I can give you the starting points when you feel like you need all the bells and whistles to create a virtual fitness business, when really,  you don't need a lot to start making an income NOW with an online fitness business - from there you can scale up and add things in as you go!

To become an online fitness coach and start making an income as a fitness instructor online, all you really need is...

  • YOU - your expertise & qualifications
  • A place to host your content - we get onto this 👇🏻 - so your new clients can get access to it.
  • A way for your clients to pay you

Seriously, don't overcomplicate it at the beginning - start making an income first and upgrade as you go, otherwise you may never begin!

So, if you're spending hours trying to set up your own website, thinking you need a perfect platform for online or are thinking about spending serious money getting someone to do it for you - who in my experience usually isn't in the fitness industry and doesn't really understand what your online fitness business needs - then STOP and do this first 👇🏻



  1. Figure out what you want to create - is it an online fitness program? An online fitness membership? A one of online masterclass or workshop? Figure out what you want to create and create what you need by 👇🏻
  2. Film your content using 👉 Your phone, a zoom recording or a camera (but just one you have rather then paying thousands for one you can't figure out to use!)
  3. Host your content without a website (at first) - See below 👇🏻
  4. Set up Paypal or Stripe so you can take payments!
  5. Optional but advisable  - Set up an email list so you can build a list as you go!

So there are so many ways you can start online and if I was doing it all again I'd start here first...

  • Upload your content to YouTube or Vimeo so you can share the link directly to clients or embed them to your starter platform!
  • OR upload you content to a Facebook Group (I don't advise this long term but Facebook is a great place to start and get your clients in one place!)
  • Then choose a platform or method to get that content to your clients when they sign up- See below👇🏻
  • Create a simple landing page so people can sign up (and pay you) - You can use something like Mailchimp, Lead Pages orUnbounce.


Starter platforms and methods to host your Online Fitness Business!

  1. If you're launching an online fitness course then you can simply schedule emails to go out with the video/content as and when it's released. This is great if you have a start and finish date to your online course and you're sending out emails to everyone at the same time. Again this isn't something I'd continue with long term BUT it's definitely a good place to start so you can start earning an income before you progress.
  2. A Facebook group (as mentioned above)
  3. Payhip - A free, easy way to create your online fitness business, with the added benefit of having a sales page and payment all in one place too! - to do this in 10 days in my course (click here!)
  4. Membervault
  5. Podia
  6. Thinkific
  7. Teachable

I go over all of these platforms in my course 👉 6 WEEKS TO AN ON DEMAND FITBIZ


I have one more free resource that may help you out!👇🏻

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Leave a comment below and let me know what you're going to set up from the info in this blog! I'd love to cheer you on and help you!


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