A No Social Media Fitness Business

 A No Social Media Fitness Business!

'Can I run a fitness business without social media?'

This is the big question for most business owners who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the social media rat race! Followed closely with questions like...

'Can you really grow a successful fitness business without social media?'

'How do I advertise my fitness business without Facebook and Instagram?'

'How do I get clients without social media?'

Let me ask you this:

  • Is you fitness business successful WITH social media? - It may be financially successful but is it successful in terms of the time & effort you invest in posting daily on social media?
  • Are you really advertising your fitness business now on social media? - Most of us aren't even asking for the sale in our posts or have a fear of being too salesy in our posts - so are we really advertising with social media?
  • Are you really getting clients with social media? - If yes then great keep going. If you don't know then ask your last few clients how they found out about you ...was is from somewhere else or a recommendation/referral?

So many questions!

I personally know that my fitness business can run without social media and I'm now putting plans in place to be on social media without being 'actively' on social media. I explain more on this week's podcast episode as well as my first steps to implement when coming away from social media.

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