Episode #1 - 3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating & Start Thriving!

Episode #1 - 3 ways to stop procastinating

Do you want to create a successful Fit Biz but always put off those things that will take you outside of your comfort zone and into more success, income and a place where you can help 10x more people?

In this weeks podcast, I share the 3 tips that helped me launch this podcast in a very short amount of time. Hopefully these tips will help you move forward in achieving those things that you just keep putting off!

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Charlotte Esau

I’ve just found your podcast and your first episode definitely resonates with me!  I qualified in lock down and procrastination and overwhelm  in  getting started has been crippling to the point where I feel I may as well give up before I start.  I will use the too much house work and gardening to do excuse.    Really trying to change my mind set so love this episode.    Thank you so much . 

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Charlotte Brawn

Ah! glad it helped! It's something so many of us struggle with! Let me know if there's anything else you struggle with as a newly qualified instructor, I'm always looking for ideas for podcast episodes! x

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