Making Your Fitness Business Work for Menopausal Clients

In this guest expert episode of the podcast I am joined by Christien Bird from The Menopause Movement and we are discussing how you can make your fitness business work for menopausal clients.

We talk about the basics of working with women into menopause and how to retain them as clients that stay with you for a lifetime, what shifts can you as a fitness professional make in how to train women into the menopause, what barriers to exercise do women in menopause experience, and how can fit…

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Coping with Imposter Syndrome & Being Relatable to Attract Aligned Clients

In todays podcast I have special guest Louise Jordan from BOOSTfit. We are talking all about coping with imposter syndrome and being your authentic self to attract your soul aligned clients!

Louise and the BOOSTfit team are creating such a positive impact in the industry and really helping class participants - as well as instructors - with a positively BOOSTed workout for the mind and the body. (more on this in the podcast and in the rest of the show notes below👇🏻)

Take a listen to…

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How to Build a Loyal Tribe of Clients & Why It's so Important

What if you could care a little less about finding new clients & keep the ones you have coming back over & over again for consistent, repeatable income?

Well, you can. In this special guest episode of the podcast, with the super amazing Anna Martin of AMF World, we talk extensively about how to build a loyal tribe. There's some gold dust, dynamite practical advice in this podcast that you an implement immediately! 

This is the second podcast episode with Anna (click here to listen …

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Guest Episode #4 - Taking Your FitBiz Online & What That Means for Instructors & the Industry

Over the last few years the fitness industry has changed. We were forced to do things differently through the COVID 19 pandemic but would this change have been so rapid without the pandemic?!

In this weeks podcast I am joined by Charlotte Bly & Ali Bailey of Choreo Now! We discuss what going online has meant for the fitness industry and the pros and cons of our new online status!

Charlotte & Ali share their journeys, their insights, tips & advice for instructors as well as more details…

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If I Was Starting My Fitness Business Again...

If You Could Start Your Fitness Business Again, What Would You Do Differently?

Maybe you are just starting a fitness business and you're wondering what you need to do to get started THE RIGHT WAY to avoid making mistakes in the future.

I asked a few business owners what they would do differently and today I am sharing that advice along with my own.

This is an episode not to be missed if you'd like to make quicker growth & longevity in your fitness business PLUS it will also help you…

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Episode #31 graphic

Episode #31 - Are You Asking This Questions about Your Fitness Business, Daily?


Every day in my fitness business I ask…

How the f*$k do I do this?!

This question and the feeling of not knowing how to do something used to fill me with overwhelm and fear and the desire to give up!

Maybe you feel the same?!

Now I ask that question almost daily in my business but I let it fill me with curiosity, excitement and this determination to figure it out or get help to find out how.

Such a different energy!

I got to this new energy but basically being fe…

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Episode #30: Monetizing Your FitBiz Methods & Practices

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Have you ever thought to yourself that your 'FitBiz" idea is amazing but it would be even better if you could make money from it?


If you want to have a signature fitness program in your Fitness Business, this is the podcast episode for you. 

Having a signature Fitness Business Method or Program is a proven way to create the successful fitness business you want and I share all in this podcast episode!


If you're looking…

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Setting goals for your fitness business

Why Setting Goals Won't Bring Your Fitness Business Success

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Setting goals has never been my strong point, in fact I always feel like I've failed when I set goals and don't hit them.


Many fitness businesses struggle setting S.M.A.R.T. goals because they're too rigid and more about what you have to do rather than what you want to feel!


If you're feeling the same have a listen and follow my lead into a more flowing energy behind setting goals and why setting S.M.A.R.T. goals could be …

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Master Your Fitness Business to Do List

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3 things to do to MASTER YOUR TO-DO LIST

Do you ever look at your to do list, which keeps getting longer, and feel so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing?!

Do you get to the end of every day and move all of todays to do list to tomorrow… and repeat every day until you get to the end of the month and you still have things on your list that have been on there all month, un-completed!


Here’s 3 things I do dai…

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How to price you online fitness business services

How to Price Your Online Fitness Business Services

How to price your online fitness business services?! 🤔

It's one of the most common questions I get asked!

Most fitness professionals are charging for the hours they spend with clients face to face but what about online services?

How do you price online services compared to face to face fitness services?

How do you put a value on your expertise, time and the clients results?

Is an online fitness business profitable?

Firstly, I think it's really hard to state what you should pr…

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Episode #26

Create an Online Fitness Business...without a Website!

You've got lots of online fitness business ideas...but don't know where to start!

Read the blog instead!- click here!

Starting an online fitness business from home can seem really overwhelming, complicated and daunting!

I'm not going to give you a step-by-step guide in one blog post - I have a mentorship program for that!

But I can give you the starting points when you feel like you need all the bells and whistles to create a virtual fitness business, when really,  you don't need a lot…

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Build an online fitness business between fitness classes

Building a Fitness Business in between Fitness Classes



My entire fitness business - both offline & online - has been created between teaching fitness classes, teaching fitness in community hall, gyms and leisure centres and in 10 minutes time slots between other stuff that happens in life!

I recorded this podcast in my car!

This podcast started in my car when I had a few spare moments and thought to myself 'enough procrastinating and just record a podcast already!'

When I was building my community fitness business I was Googling eve…

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